Wedding at Pine Manor Chicago

Best Value

Bridal Trio $140 ​Bouquet, Boutonniere, & Bride's Throw Bouquet 

6" Throw Bouquet 

Dont throw your "real" Bouquet - Order a Throw Bouquet for $40. Beautiful bridal bouquet and matching partner's flowers either a boutonnière or corsage,  PLUS a small bridal throw bouquet. OR exchange the throw Bouquet for a second standard size bridal bouquets for LGBT ceremonies.

Delivery to Your Location or Mine

Bride Groom Flower Set $135

Brides Maid Groomsman Set $100

Includes a large size bridal bouquet and matching boutonniere made in your colors ( upgrade from package bouquet) 

  • One color, Small Fresh flower long-stem bridal bouquet $65
  • Standard Bridal Bouquet $100
  • Grand Bridal Bouquet $120+ ( by quote )
  • Brides Throw Bouquet $45
  • ​Flower Girl Bouquet $40
  •  Flower Girl Chalkboard Custom Sign $40
  • Matching Boutonniere for an added $35
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet $65
  • Mother's corsage (Wrist or Pin) $45 
  • Rose pedals around cake $25 
  • Floor Basket for arch or fireplace $85 +
  • Chair & Table Decorations by Quote, but as shown flower in vase $4.50 per chair

LOCATION Delivery Chicago Area $100, or Pick Up at Pine Manor. Set up ceremmony or reception hall is additional / by quote. 

Matching Boutonniere. 

Ceremony Decor, setup and breakdown by custom quote.

This layout adding 6 white columns, with white tulle, white carpet runner and red or white rose petals $160

Each bouquet is $45 to $65

Arch with flowers $220

Backdrop white fabric by quote

Travel & setup time will add to the cost of this package if it is not included with other services. 

What size bouquet do I want? 

Here's the Difference.

TOP Left is a standard size 6" bridal  bouquet This is generally one type of flower, red roses perhaps, and fill. Shown at bottom with matching partner flower. BOTTOM Middle Large Bouquet a $35 dollar upgrade from the standard. Right is a grand bouquet a $55 dollar upgrade from standard. 

Table Decor, Setup by quote.

This layout includes; one glass vase, stones, flower and candle with white rose petals around $22 each. Red or pink add $2 per table

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Tel: 847-873-7463 Hours: 8:00am to 8:00pm, By Appointment 

Beautiful flowers made by Rev Pam for your wedding day. I have an account with the florist that supply all the florist's with their flowers.  I walk right into the cooler at 6am and pick out your flowers from the most freshly available stock in Chicagoland and then do my magick to design your bouquet based on your color scheme and requests, staying within the budget – of course.  B\Unless otherwise requested, bouquets are long stem, double wrapped with your choice of color silk ribbon in my signature knot tying design. Feel free to make a request - if the flowers are out of budget we can discuss you paying the difference. 

Shopping flowers on a budget? Compare and save. Get to know the average prices for flowers in Chicagoland.

Read: Average costs for flowers.  quoted in the 2017 Bridal Magazine. 

bridal bouquet: $150–$350,  Bridesmaid bouquet: $65–$125,  Boutonniere: $24–$45,  Pin-on corsage: $32–$48,  Wrist corsage: $48–$65,  Reception flowers: $75–$250,  Flower girl petals: $65 per bag,  Altar flowers: $75–$500, Arrangement next to sign-in book: $150–$250,  Arrangement next to place cards: $65–$125,  Head table centerpiece: $65–$150,  Sweetheart table garland: $12–$45 per foot,  
Guest table centerpiece: $75–$400,  Cake flowers: $25–$150,  Flower crown: $45–$125

Standard Bride's Bouquet  & Rev Pam's Signature Knotting

The finished bouquet is pictured here, with matching partner flowers above. Each bouquet the Rev makes is different customized to the colors of your wedding.